About Juva Homes

Juva Homes is a Real Estate subsidiary of Global Seaboard Ventures Ltd, a Limited Liability Company registered in Nigeria.
We are a marketing and development company whose core competence is to provide quality products and services at affordable prices.
We constitute a team of highly experienced professionals in the areas of engineering, construction, development and marketing.
Over the years, we have become one of the best and most trusted companies in the real estate sector in Nigeria.
We offer Home ownership services, Investment services, Commercial Property Services, Leasing Services, Brokerage Services and General Advisory Services in real estate.
We do thorough due diligence on all the properties we offer to the market and ensure that all the risk factors are properly taken care of.
For us in Juva Homes, we are aware that your interest in real estate would be to either own a good home or have a valuable investment for wealth creation and a secured future.
We therefore tailor our services to providing you investment opportunities in choice places for a happy and fulfilled future.
And so, to remain focused, we subject our team of highly skilled consultants to a regular in-house and outdoor trainings and workshops to ensure we meet the ever-growing needs of our clients.


To always stay ahead in providing the best products and services in Property and Home Ownership Investments, ensuring that our clients get their ‘value for money’.


To create a world of happy people who look back and see they made their fortunes through investments in real estate.



We strive to do the right thing all the time, ensuring that the things we say and the things we do are always in agreement.


For us in Juva Homes, excellence is a habit formed by a steady drive to always do things better. We are poised to always strive in our pursuit for excellence.

Quality Service

We focus on the expectations of our customers and work very hard to exceed them.