We offer Home Ownership Services, Investment Services, and Consultancy Services in Real Estate.



Everyone’s dream is to have a home of his or her own. We recognize this fact and so it is our duty to ensure that everybody achieves the dream.
We do this by identifying choice and affordable areas, develop them as registered estates and then make them available to discerning minds for their luxury and comfort.
In addition to that, we offer very friendly and flexible payment packages for our properties, having in mind all categories of income earners, to ensure everybody realizes his or her dream of owning a home.



In Juva Homes, we create and grow wealth through real estate investments. Here, we help you invest in real estate for profit. We look into the future, analyze and make calculated projections, identify properties with high return on investment and a good payback period, and then offer same to the public. With our Investment Team you cannot go wrong. You have your money working for you and you watch your investment grow.
We sell and resale across Residential, Commercial and Industrial Categories.



Whether you are buying, selling or leasing for Home Ownership, Business, Commercial or Industrial purposes, our team of real estate professionals are on hand to provide you solutions to your real estate needs. We offer you solutions that help optimize your value for money in real estate investments. We also offer expert and professional advice in identifying, buying, selling and investing in Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural properties of any specifications, for individuals and Corporate Organizations doing or intending to do business in Nigeria.


We strive to do the right thing all the time, ensuring that the things we say and the things we do are always in agreement.


For us in Juva Homes, excellence is a habit formed by a steady drive to always do things better. We are poised to always strive in our pursuit for excellence.

Quality Service

We focus on the expectations of our customers and work very hard to exceed them.